3dtagz Uses


Develop the best possible designs with anywhere, anytime design reviews. Models can be from a variety of CAD systems and performance can be up to 10x faster than with the native CAD system. 3d locations can be tagged and annotated for issue resolution.


Your products’ 3d presentations and metadata can be made available from the cloud worldwide, with password-protected access, to those you choose with your 3dtagz Enterprise Virtual Mockup.


Assembly sequences can be quickly authored in 3d with annotations and tagging for intuitive communication. The end-users have a simple 3d cloud program to review and replay these sequences. Constant feedback is available for continuous quality improvement. Access control is maintained so that the “authorized” procedures are protected.


3dtagz uses a proven process to add value to current written inspection procedures by providing a full 3d model of each step of the procedure.  The inherent 3d visualization functions can then be used to fully understand the inspection process using selectable BOM, measurement, sectioning, selective part hiding, and other functions.  Notations can be added using 3d tagging.


With design review, assembly sequence and inspection data in the cloud, it can be monitored, studied and managed more effectively.


Final inspections and customer walk-throughs can be accomplished virtually, with problem issues tagged exactly at the 3d location.  This can launch jobs and  inform both team members and the customer with current status… even from remote locations.


Mechanics can be provided with very easy to use software for 3d maintenance procedures with an intuitive image lookup index.  Updating and replicating for model revisions or for similar models is made easy.


Manufacturers, facility operators and construction project managers can use 3d tagging to provide a location-based building information management (BIM) system.


Companies can publish a 3dtagz Virtual Product Warehouse to enable service personnel to virtually experience their various designs plus quickly order the proper parts in a unique and intuitive way.

3dtagz Virtual Mockup Systems

Build the future

Use your existing 3d CAD models for large-model design reviews, high-resolution renderings, assembly sequences, inspection job aids, maintenance procedures, repair instructions, and issue management… all from the cloud anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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