A 3dtagz Virtual Mockup is a cloud-based Digital Mockup (DMU) that has been extended to support a wide variety of use cases.

With the advancements of cloud based computation, less expensive hardware and a new application, 3dtagz has democratized the concept of DMU. Along with their existing 3d CAD system, any organization can have access to a powerful end-to-end 3d digital mockup solution. Using 3dtagz is very similar in concept to creating a PowerPoint presentation. Only it is a 3d PowerPoint. To use 3dtagz, users start with base content (their 3d models), they add animations, transitions, sequences, 3d notes etc. Once authored they can be presented and or played back on any device.

Demo Models

Your account was loaded with a few read-only demo models. Please notice how they appear in the Open page and load them by pressing on the model banner.  When loaded, try navigating, selecting and replaying the sequences to get a feel for the Read functions.  Because you are not the owner of these models, your functionality is limited. You cannot share them with others or create your own sequences. This characteristic is to protect the original author’s intent, such as in distributing an official assembly procedure.

Your Models

Try translating your own models. If you are an Onshape user, 3dtagz Connector is the easiest way to do this. For all other formats, more information on the various formats we support and some tips on translation are available here.  Once you translate a model, you will notice additional functionality available to you, both on the Open page and on the 3d page. Try using Access to share a model’s presentation library with other 3dtagz evaluators in your company. Try creating an Animation Sequence which will AutoSave in your library. Review all the Author functionality here.